2 Days In Munich: How To Experience The Best Of Bavaria’s Capital

Visit the BMW Museum to meet one of Germany’s most famous car manufacturers. If you have more than a week, or are looking for more activities for your week, there are many more things to do in Munich. The permanent exhibition at the Munich City Museum is an example of the development of the city’s image and identity.

At 370 acres, this expanse of lawns, groves, meadows, waterways, and a lake is one of the largest urban parks in the world, larger than New York’s Central Park. Englischer GartenScanning a map of the city, you will be amazed by the size of the Englischer Garten. That fa├žade is 100 meters long and the building was expanded to 400 rooms, and you can scale up the 85 meters where you can see the Alps on clear days. Given the size of the palace and the richness of the art, the Munich Residenz is a sight to do on several visits if you can. Markets keep the traditional alive and vary region by region. You see women dressed as Frau Holle shaking a pillowcase that symbolizes the snow that falls at the Christmas market.

I bet the stories you’ve heard from Munich probably revolved around the annual Oktoberfest, the world’s largest folk and beer festival, which is held in the city. Although I have no doubt that it is very nice, there is so much more to experience in the Bavarian capital than mass and wurst. Since 2005, the East German federal states have been doing well and are recovering. Industrial Leipzig is the largest city in the east, but Dresden is still the best small town to visit in Germany.

While I’m not Spezi’s biggest fan, the people here seem to love him. It’s actually half Fanta and half Coke, and you’ll find it everywhere from supermarkets to breweries. The Residenz is Germany’s largest city viaggi oktoberfest palace, located in the centre of Munich. Imagine 10 courtyards, 130 rooms and an epic antique hall. This is one of the most famous things to do in Munich, and I highly recommend it, especially on a rainy day.

I like that you can see the town hall and the Frauenkirche and look down on Marienplaza and Viktuelenmarkt. Take the shuttle to the center of Munich’s Old Town, Marienplatz. Getting on the U-bahn to the square is a great thrill, as the neo-Gothic building of the town hall attracts your full attention. Getting your bearings on the city is a great way to start your journey.

Therefore, I recommend that you stay in the city center and close to the metro to easily reach the main attractions. Of course, you can drink beer anywhere in Munich, and weather permitting, you should definitely visit and relax in a Biergarten. But you can also spend a fun evening taking an evening tour to discover Bavarian beer and food culture and meet new people. If you’re on a family tour, your kids will be hooked on this German museum in central Munich. It is a science and technology museum and one of the oldest and largest museums of its kind in the world. It has an impressive collection of historical artifacts, including the first electric dynamo, astronomy exhibits, the first car, and more.