Want to Make Language Learning Easier? Rhymes to the Rescue!

Learning a foreign language can be fun, but boring. Anything you can do to speed up learning or make learning a language more fun is a valuable weapon in your learning arsenal. Kathy Steinemann shares a useful and unique approach to solving this problem.

Let’s look at the following two sections of the text:

Version 1

The sky is blue today. I’m on the beach. The bully punches me in the face. It’s a pity for him! Here are my bodyguards!

Version 2

One, two, such a blue sky. Three, four, sandy shore. Five, six, the tyrant kicks. Seven, eight, he decided his fate. Nine, ten, here are my arrows!

Now go back and read the poems again.

Have you noticed that you have already started to look forward to what will happen next in the second version?

Bottom line: it’s easier to memorize rhymed verses than to memorize prose.

So, what are the implications for learning a foreign language?

Memorizing well-written poems in a modern foreign language can speed up the learning process. (Note the keyword “modern.”)

Poetry of the 18th century can have great cultural and educational significance. But words written on the page more than 300 years ago use outdated vocabulary, spelling and grammar.

As an example, consider the popular version of the King James Bible. If you start using “you” and “you” in your daily speech, people will understand you, but they will treat you like an alien in the distortion of time.

You can search the Internet for poems by modern authors. Try these searches:

parallel translation of poems
parallel translation of poems
parallel translation of poems from German to English
parallel translation of poems from French to English
parallel translation of the poetry of Italian English
parallel translation of Spanish English verses
If necessary, replace the search terms with the name of the specific language you are learning. Browse any web pages you find with a tutor, teacher, or someone who knows to determine the suitability of grammar and vocabulary.

Try to make the poems dictated and recorded by the native speaker. Carefully read the poems while listening to the recordings. This will improve your verbalization skills. If you’re lucky, you’ll find online audio with some lyrics.

Are you an aspiring poet? Try to compose your own poems in a foreign language.

No poetic talent? Try the following simple approach. For example, if you are learning German, you can create a poem like this:

Dog – der Hound

mouth – der Mund

Air – Die Luft

perfume – der Duft

buzzing – challenge

growl – beat

Little Little

Clean – keep

brood – gr’beln

iron – b’geln

You don’t have to worry about grammar – just definitions, pronunciation, gender and spelling. Alcor ( has several rhyme dictionaries that can help you in the process.

If you have a sound dictionary on your computer, listen carefully to the pronunciation of each word. There are also excellent online dictionaries with sound.

Now make your own recording of the verses using sound recording software.

First, dictate each English word or phrase and save it as a separate file.
Then save audio clips in a foreign language from the dictionary or the Internet.
Now download the audio recording software and play the files in the correct order. Try to make short productions lasting one or two minutes.
If necessary, edit to eliminate excessive pauses or add final articles.
Finally, convert to MP3 or WMA. Now you can use your iPod or portable media player for more than just music.


The Joy of “Second Home” Ownership

I’m a big fan of investment real estate and “second houses.” As Arizona’s population continues to grow and baby boomers retire, northern Arizona is becoming an even more attractive place to invest in your future. Although we have some excellent second homes, many of these lands border the forest service and can accommodate only a limited number of people.

As demand for this limited supply grows, it makes sense to increase the “value”. Another great way to look at “value” is to look at the relaxation factor associated with being alone with family and friends. Although I am almost certain that I will never live in a place where I will have to regularly clean the driveway, it is very nice to be able to come in cooler weather.

One of the most popular places for a second home in Arizona are Flagstaff, Pine, Payson, Sedona, Rim and others.

Northern Arizona offers many communities within a short drive of ski resorts, hiking, camping and many other truly fantastic outdoor activities. Over the years, our family has owned properties in Payson, Mundos Park and most recently in Flagstaff. I have worked with agents in several of these areas and would be happy to point you in the right direction if you are also interested in owning a second home. Remember, if you’re heading north OR across the country, just call Nick and I’ll be happy to help you make the right decisions wherever you go!


Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring – Bach’s Most Loved Work

Not even musicians around the world are undoubtedly familiar with one of the most famous works of Johann Sebastian Bach, Jesu, Joy or Man’s Desiring. Usually this song is slowly, almost reverently performed at weddings, in church and at services. However, many music fans do not suspect that this recognizable melody was actually intended for a more joyful game.

The song was originally written to accompany the vocals, as well as to traditional orchestral instruments, especially woodwinds, strings and brass brass. Today, however, it is more often played on the piano and organ. It’s hard to tell if Bach will roll into the grave if a slower version of “Jezu,” “Joy” or “The Desire of Man” decorates someone’s wedding ceremony. However, this work has won the love of both enthusiasts and non-musicians. In fact, of all Bach’s writings, this is his most recognizable.

De in Duitsland geboren composer schreef zijn compositie oorspronkelijk in de vroege jaren 1700. Het werd voor het eerst in het openbaar uitgevoerd op 2 juli 1723 als onderdeel van Bachs cantata: “Hertz und Mund Tat in the life of und Leben”). The least known about this favorite composition is that the main choral melody was actually composed by violinist Johan Shop.

Shop was a pioneer in the music world in the early 1700s. Considered a virtuoso, his technical skills were unparalleled among his contemporaries and certainly had no equal among his predecessors. Despite his immense talent, Shop has since been sidelined. Today Bach himself is most credited with Jesuit, the joy of human desires.

The piano arrangement by Jesus Joy of Man’s Desiring, better known to 21st century listeners, was actually transcribed by British pianist Myra Hess more than 100 years after its writing. It is this adaptation that has stood the test of time when it comes to universal recognition, and this is how the song is most often performed in public today. Accompanied by English-language voices, she sings into words translated from original German to English by the outstanding 18th century English poet Robert Bridges. However, the English version is slightly different from the original German version. Bridges has clearly done what poets are good at: he created a poem that still reflects the feelings of the original work, but contains a smooth, easy-to-sing rhyme in translated English.

Since its first public appearance almost three centuries ago, “Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring” has been arranged and performed by hundreds of other musicians and artists. Even contemporary artists such as Josh Groban continue to turn this song into one of the most famous and beloved tunes in classical music.

Although Bach does not consider this work his favorite or best work, it is probably the most widely known of all his works. Due to its popularity, this song will no doubt appear at weddings and other public concerts for hundreds of years.


Osiris in Egyptian Mythology

Osiris in Egyptian mythology. He was the brother and husband of Isis, the goddess of the earth and moon, who represented the female productive force in nature. He lived in the underworld as the leader of the dead, but was also, according to Horus, the source of renewed life. He was not only a merciful judge of the dead in his future life, but also a lifelong god of the underworld, including the sprouting vegetation and fertile spills of the Nile. He was sometimes considered the eldest son of the god of the land of Geba and the goddess of the heavens, Nut. He later became associated with the name Centi-Amenti, which means “Western Front,” a reference to his reign in the land of the dead. Usually depicted as green skin, green is the color of rebirth, and the pharaoh wears the crown of Atefa, the shape of the white crown of Upper Egypt with feathers on both sides. His wife, Isis, searched for his remains until she finally found him buried in the trunk of a tree that supported the roof of a palace in Biblos on the Phoenician coast. Killed by his evil brother Seth, who connects Diodor with the evil Typhon, the Typhon beast from Greek mythology. His brother Seth locked his body in a box and threw it into the Nile, where he was thrown ashore and trapped in a huge tree.

Osiris is pictured with the head of a man topped with a large white Cap of Upper Egypt, his arms crossed, holding a chain and a hook of royal power. Captured in the trunk of the tamarisk, which was later felled and used as a pillar in the palace of King Biblos, he figuratively became one with the Tree of Life. Osiris became the axis of Mande, around which the heavens seem to revolve, he became the Pillar of the World, the link between the earthly and celestial worlds. Since he was the god of water among people such as the Egyptians, soon the annual ups and downs, floods and falls of the Nile began to compare with the most important periods in people’s lives and before the revival. . Nile. next year will be compared to the immortality of man, which was taken for granted in Egypt since ancient times, and that is what happened, hieroglyphic texts provide numerous evidence.

Driven by conviction, not violence, Osiris became the most important god of the middle and new kingdoms among the Egyptian people. The oldest written form of myth is inscribed on the walls of chambers and passages in the pyramids of kings V and VI of the Sakhara dynasty and is therefore known as the “texts of the pyramids”.

Osiris is considered one of five children born to the god of the earth and the goddess of the sky Geba and Nut respectively. He had four younger siblings who also played key roles in his story, his brother Seth and two sisters known as Isis and Neftis. He died again and came down to fully fulfill his duties as the Egyptian god of the underworld. It remains to this day one of the most popular of all the ancient Egyptian gods.

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Saree – The Most Elegant Indian Traditional Outfit

Sari is a woman’s clothing in India. It’s a strip of torn tissue. The length of the sari ranges from four to nine feet. Of course, the style and material of wearing a sari vary from place to place. The most common style of wearing a sari is to wrap a sari around the waist and the other end drapery to put on the shoulder. These clothes don’t cover your stomach. Sari is worn on top of a skirt (pavada in the south and a shea in eastern India). It holds the sari and helps to correct the folds of the sari. The color of the bottom skirt should also match the color of the sari, which is very important as it affects the entire presentation of the sari. Sari is worn on top of a blouse, also called choli, which forms outer clothing. Short-sleeved blouse and deep neckline. It can be decorated with a mirror or embroidered to make it more chic and attractive, so that it can be worn in different solemn occasions.

Sari is considered to be the most elegant traditional Indian dress for women. Indians believe that wearing a sari is part of their tradition. It defines a woman’s beauty. Women all over the world wear sari. It is a simple and unique garment with several beautiful drawings and colors that add to its beauty. Sari can be draped in more than ten to fifteen styles with and without folds. Below are the different styles of sari worn by women:

Oriental styles:

Kanta – West Bengal
Ikat of silk and cotton – Orissa
Cuttacki Pata silk and cotton – Orissa
Sambalpuri Pata of silk and cotton – Orissa
Silk and Cotton Bomkai – Orissa
Mayurbhanj Tussar Silk – Orissa
Silk Sonepuri / Subarnapuri – Orissa
Bapta and Khandua Silk and Cotton – Orissa
Silk Berhampuri – Orissa
Coton Tanta / Taant – Orissa, West Bengal and Bangladesh
Cotton Giadaani – Bangladesh
Dakai Benaros – Bangladesh
Rajshahi Silk – Bangladesh
Tangail Tanter Sari-Bangladesh
Katan Sari – Bangladesh

Western styles:

Bandhani – Gujarat and Rajasthan
Kota Doria – Rajasthan
Bandedj Rajasthan
Lugade (Navari on Marathi) – Maharashtra

Southern styles:

Kanchipuram (Kanjiwaram – local name) – Tamil Nadu
Pata Sari as Tamil Nadu
Seth Mund as Tamil Nadu
Silk Mysore – Karnataka
Llkal Sari – Karnataka


Honeymoon in Ooty

Honeymoon in Uchi is a dream come true for any newlyweds who just want to relax in the beauty of this place, which is truly the pride of the Nilgirits. Romantic weather, lush green landscapes and charming colonial-style cottages are just some of the many attractive features of the place. In this place there are a lot of charming hotels and resorts that offer packages for newlyweds, which are sure to like any couple of newlyweds. Marriage apartments of different hotels guarantee you the most pleasant stay.

The honeymoon package in Uchi includes visits to natural beauty spots such as picara Falls, which is essentially a set of two waterfalls flowing into the Picara River, the Dodabetta Peak, which is the highest peak in Nilgiris, and the Wenlock Hills, which are essentially large areas. meadows and other magnificent places such as Lake Upper Bhavani, which has a lot of scenic beauty, is accompanied by a nature reserve with some of the rarest animal species such as sambhara, nilgiri langurs and giant squirrels. All these are perfect honeymoon destinations. A quiet and serene place that offers a lot of relaxation and unity with nature. It really is the perfect place to spend time with your loved one.

Other romantic destinations such as the Botanical Garden, which is so famous that it is almost synonymous with the city itself with thousands of species of plants and trees. You can capture and remember the beauty of this place. This flower paradise, spread over 55 acres of land, dates back to 1847. Toda Mund, Toda Hill, the hill of the ancestral Uchi tribe, is a great place to visit. Another attraction is the annual flower show held by the Department of Horticulture. Speaking of the beautiful flora of the Botanic Gardens, the Rosary in Elks Hill is a great visual treat. There are up to 17,000 varieties of roses in the rosary. In this charming garden you could literally see and feel the romance.

The name Uchi has a list of fantastic hotels. Most of the major Indian hotel chains have their hotels here. Excellent packages for newlyweds are included in the hotel’s itinerary to Uchi in different ways. Unsurprisingly, this place still enjoys the status of one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in India.


Flagstaff Hotels – Ultimate Hints About Deals & Smooth Stays

Fairfield Inn, Flagstaff, Az.

The Fairfield Inn by Marriot Flagstaff is surrounded by beautiful peaks and pine trees of northern Arizona. This beautiful hotel offers first-class rooms and special Marriott hospitality. For each visitor, the hostel’s beautiful rooms offer maximum comfort with free local calls, a direct phone, HBO, down pillows, a coffee maker, a hairdryer, ironing accessories and free Wi-Fi. It features a spa with a whirlpool tub, an outdoor heated pool and a fitness centre. Visitors also receive a free Deluxe Early Eats breakfast every morning, including a delicious Jimmy Dean sandwich and other dishes from the breakfast bar. The staff are well trained and provide everyone with friendly but effective service. If you plan to ski in winter, take advantage of the winter ski pass this hotel offers every year. You can visit Northern Arizona University on foot as well as the airport and have a great vacation.

Accommodation options with pets in Flagstaff

Getting out of town without pets becomes difficult, especially when you can’t find someone to take care of them. Find hotels that allow pet accommodation in the next city you visit and don’t abandon your pet. If you’re traveling to Sedon or the Grand Canyon with pets, here are a few hotels in the Flagstaff area that allow accommodation with pets that will welcome your furry friends while you enjoy a popular tourist destination: AmeriSuites, Comfort Inn, Super 8, Residence Inn and Ramada. Hotel. They charge a fee of 10 to 20 dollars. However, fees and rates change over time, so call hotels directly to confirm the rules.

Find cheap but luxurious hotels in Flagstaff

Recession forces everyone to choose inexpensive hotels, but get luxury for a small amount – theft. To find a cheap and luxurious hotel in Flagstaff, read the following guide to help you find what you are looking for. Start by planning ahead in advance; Booking a hotel room at Flagstaff a few months before your trip is a great way to reduce costs. Browse various hotels online, view photos of their rooms, check their prices, choose the most suitable and book it online. The Reviews of The Flagstaff Hotel left on websites by recent guests can assure you of the luxury you can get from the hotel. Most sites also offer special discounts on luxury rooms at Flagstaff hotels. Take advantage of these tips for an inexpensive but luxurious holiday in Flagstaff.

Flagstaff Golf Hotels

Arizona is known for various golf courses built over the years. Thousands of golf fans visit golf resorts and clubs in the desert, especially in winter. Regardless of the season, hundreds of golfers take a vacation to Flagstaff, Arizona, as this beautiful city is home to some of America’s most famous golf courses and clubs. Pinewood, which is part of Mundos Park, is one such famous golf course. Some other fantastic golf courses and clubs include Flagstaff Ranch Golf Club, Flagstaff Ranch Course, Continental Country Club, Continental Course, Aspen Valley Golf Club and Aspen Valley. Award-winning golf courses and clubs include Forest Highlands Golf Club, The Canyon Course, Forest Highlands Golf Club, The Meadow Course, Pine Canyon Club and Pine Canyon Course. For additional assistance, Flagstaff Hotels offers tour golf packages and golf carts for golfers staying at their hotels.


Class C Travel – Gas Saving Travel In Arizona

Residential homes in Arizona can use their homes on wheels, saving gasoline on the road. Reducing gasoline consumption when traveling to a Class C motorhome means that you will use one tank of gasoline or less when driving a Class C car. . Almost every state has ways to save money and gas.

Find areas near you so you can drive there in your Class C camper or any other towed caravan to enjoy the activity in the house on wheels. Look for exciting activities that will appeal to all your fellow travelers in the house on wheels. You can save money by bringing your C-Class to your nearest motorhome, as you don’t need to refuel all the time.

The list below contains hotspots for C-class campers in Arizona. See if you’ll be interested in staying with them while on vacation in a camper.

  1. The city of Black Canyon is located near the Agua Fria National Monument, as well as Yavapay County and its ghost towns.
  2. Next to the Indian ruins of Sinagua is Camp Verde. This area is an excellent access point for your C-class wheel home or another motorhome. There are all kinds of activities including fishing, hunting and swimming. It is also close to the monument to Montezumas Castle.

See Mundos Park in its C-class camper. Park your house on wheels and take a walk.

Visit Flagstaff, Arizona, and the surrounding national forests. You also have access to the Grand Canyon and all the motorhome options it offers. Visit local museums, arboretum or Lowell Observatory.

The upscale resort village for motorhomes is located in Sedona, Arizona. There are beautiful scenery, restaurants, shops, spas and outdoor activities. You can travel in your house on wheels and also treat yourself.

Visit the old west in your camper. Many cities in Arizona offer historic areas, and some are even ghost towns.

Try visiting Prescott, which offers golf courses for campers, lakes and activities, hikes and museums. If you are a climber, try Groom Creek or Granite Mountain.


Legend Of Amarnath

In Hindu mythology, Lord Shiva is a destroyer, the lord of five elements, an ascetic god who meditates on the skin of a deer. He also wears a crown made of human heads (Mund Mala). Legend has it that Parvati (Shiva’s wife) asked him why he was wearing a crown of heads. To this he replied that every time Parvati dies, a head is added to her top and, therefore, it continues to grow. Then Parvati wanted to know the secret of his immortality.

Shiva did not want to reveal Parvati the secret of his immortality, but he had to yield to the ruthless pressure of his wife. So they went to a remote place where Shiva could reveal Parvati the secret of immortality or Amar Kathu.

It is believed that Shiva was the first to leave Nandi (Bull), his vehicle in Pahalgam, hence the name (Bail-Gaon). Therefore, it is believed that it is necessary to continue from Pahalgam, when the gentleman began his yatra here.

In Chandanwadi he left the moon (Shiva wears the moon in his hair). Again, this place got its name from this legend.

Shiva left the snake to Sesnaga. He left his son Ganesh in a place now called Mahagunas Parbat or Ganesh Top. And in the panchtarani he left behind five elements: air, water, fire, air and earth, of which all life consists (Shiva – the master of these elements or Panchabutham, as they are called).

And finally, when he reached the cave, he opened his third eye and set his sights on a huge fireball that destroyed all life near the cave. He then asked Parvati to listen carefully as he retold Amar Kathu. He also asked her to make regular noises to make him understand that she was listening (it was because he was in a trance while telling stories and turning into what is now considered the favorite lingo of ice cream.

Then Shiva began the story and took the form of an atma ling (Shiva ling, in which Shiva himself is present). From here, two parallel legends walk about Amarnath.

Legend has it that when Shiva created the fireball, she destroyed all the living creatures around Amarnath, but left the egg intact because it was hidden under the skin of the deer on which Shiva was sitting.

Several pigeons were born from this egg, who listened to Amar Kathu and became immortal. Even today in Amarnath you can see a few pigeons.


How Does A Sedona Photographer Captures Nature Through Their Lens?

The name “City of Red Rocks” really speaks for itself. Sedona has not in vain got such a name. Nowhere else is there that of red mounds and monoliths like those that were here. People come from everywhere to capture their beauty. Photography in Sedona provides an opportunity to bring home a piece of amazing nature.

In such a small area, this city offers so much natural beauty. From Red Rock State Park to Oak Creek Canyon and other attractions, you can take a picture every time a photographer turns around. Whether you’re an amateur or a professional, the region’s experience offers so much that it’s virtually guaranteed to take immersive photos.

Red Rock State Park is well known and not in vain visited. The amazing colors reflected on these stones are truly amazing. Take a walk, and the possibilities of photography will not stop. Go down the trail of the spear and capture the structure of the three sisters. Take a tour and take a picture of one of the 7 warriors. Don’t miss the famous Cathedral Rock. Take a walk under the moon and take pictures of the same sights, and they will be completely different.

Head to Oak Creek Canyon and don’t forget this camera. A smaller version of the Grand Canyon, this area offers panoramic views of the colours and amazing rock formations, as well as the scenic waterway. Visit it in the autumn season and marvel at the beauty of changing colors against a dazzling backdrop.

Nearby is the wilderness of Mount Mundos. From the bottom of the canyon capture the splendor of the red rocks from a completely different point of view. When you take stunning photos of Courthouse Butte and Bell Rock, the most famous formations in the area, feel the energy that many locals and guests confirm that they are there.

Don’t forget about wildlife. Anywhere nearby, it will be easy to find a bird or animal that can be photographed. In different seasons photographers will be able to see black hawks, blue herons, deer, beavers, otters, bald eagles, coyotes and many others.

Sedona’s photo lists and endless great photo opportunities. In this place there is beauty that photographers will find around every corner and behind every turn. Put on hiking boots or get in the car and explore the many trails and roads that offer unparalleled views. Take this camera and capture Mother Nature as intended.