The Complete Guide Of Egypt

The average temperature in Cairo is about 25-35 ° C (95 ° F), while in Luxor they are 30-40 ° C (107.6 ° F) and in Aswan even hotter at 31-42 ° C (107.6 ° F). Since Egypt is such a huge country, the best way for holidaymakers who may have a limited time to explore is to travel from one city to another by plane. Long-distance buses and trains are available that are cheaper, but of course it takes much longer to reach your destination.

In addition to the beautiful coral reefs and clear fishing schools, Ras Mohammed also has a number of beautiful beaches and beautiful landscapes that visitors can enjoy. Although the revered ruins appeal to most visitors, amazing archaeological sites such as the rocky tombs of Gebel al Mawta and Shali’s crumbling mud stone fortress are worth a visit. Siwa Oasis has a rich history, culture and heritage, so you can dig deeper, with beautiful salt lakes and desert landscapes nearby.

C., Luxor Temple was the location of the annual Opet Festival, where Thebans would celebrate royal renewal. Luxor Temple also claims to be the original location of the obelisk that now adorns Place de la Concorde in Paris. Today, visitors can see where he once was and see the double obelisk in front of his house. They can also walk among gigantic man-led sphinx statues, visit an 11th-century mosque that is still used and visualize the temple as it was thousands of years ago. One of the most iconic tourist locations in the world, the Great Sphinx of Giza, is instantly recognizable by films, history lessons and the beautiful pages of travel magazines.

James Bond fans with their eyes open may even recognize The Spy Who Loved Me’s Gayer-Anderson Museum, which filmed several scenes in the museum and adjacent mosque. With more than 100 rooms full of exhibitions and prehistoric items, this museum spans more than 5,000 years of history within its collection of 160,000 items. Guests can see royal mummies, statues, some of Tutankhamun’s legendary treasures, and much more here, with information offered in both Arabic and English.

Egypt has wireless internet Wifi – Wimax that gives you access to the internet in most popular places in the country, especially in Luxor. The telephone system is efficient and visitors should have no trouble finding public telephones with cards. You can buy mobile cards for visitors to use your mobile phone.

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The Valley of the Kings is an immense necropolis carved from the desert rock, built to serve as the graves of the Egyptian pharaohs of the New Kingdom. C., this site was used as the final resting place for famous Egyptian rulers such as Hatshepsut, several Pharaohs of the Ramses and Tutankhamun line. The journey to the Valley of the Kings is long and hot, and the graves are often rotationally open to the public, so that others can be restored, because centuries of flooding, erosion and looting have damaged them considerably.

The tourist visitor center of Egypt is air-conditioned and has a tuff or electric train that takes visitors to the graves. Modern Egypt also offers the best in adventure activities such as hot air balloon, snorkeling, water sports and more. It is also a cradle of civilization that is perhaps the only one that has been well recorded and has had a cuddly effect on dating and discovering the realms of human knowledge and practices in earlier times. For centuries, tourists have fled to Egypt to admire the ancient pyramids and temples. The Nile is the longest in the world and the coast of the Red Sea is a playground for resort-style relaxation and adventure water sports.