Legend Of Amarnath

In Hindu mythology, Lord Shiva is a destroyer, the lord of five elements, an ascetic god who meditates on the skin of a deer. He also wears a crown made of human heads (Mund Mala). Legend has it that Parvati (Shiva’s wife) asked him why he was wearing a crown of heads. To this he replied that every time Parvati dies, a head is added to her top and, therefore, it continues to grow. Then Parvati wanted to know the secret of his immortality.

Shiva did not want to reveal Parvati the secret of his immortality, but he had to yield to the ruthless pressure of his wife. So they went to a remote place where Shiva could reveal Parvati the secret of immortality or Amar Kathu.

It is believed that Shiva was the first to leave Nandi (Bull), his vehicle in Pahalgam, hence the name (Bail-Gaon). Therefore, it is believed that it is necessary to continue from Pahalgam, when the gentleman began his yatra here.

In Chandanwadi he left the moon (Shiva wears the moon in his hair). Again, this place got its name from this legend.

Shiva left the snake to Sesnaga. He left his son Ganesh in a place now called Mahagunas Parbat or Ganesh Top. And in the panchtarani he left behind five elements: air, water, fire, air and earth, of which all life consists (Shiva – the master of these elements or Panchabutham, as they are called).

And finally, when he reached the cave, he opened his third eye and set his sights on a huge fireball that destroyed all life near the cave. He then asked Parvati to listen carefully as he retold Amar Kathu. He also asked her to make regular noises to make him understand that she was listening (it was because he was in a trance while telling stories and turning into what is now considered the favorite lingo of ice cream.

Then Shiva began the story and took the form of an atma ling (Shiva ling, in which Shiva himself is present). From here, two parallel legends walk about Amarnath.

Legend has it that when Shiva created the fireball, she destroyed all the living creatures around Amarnath, but left the egg intact because it was hidden under the skin of the deer on which Shiva was sitting.

Several pigeons were born from this egg, who listened to Amar Kathu and became immortal. Even today in Amarnath you can see a few pigeons.


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