Osiris in Egyptian Mythology

Osiris in Egyptian mythology. He was the brother and husband of Isis, the goddess of the earth and moon, who represented the female productive force in nature. He lived in the underworld as the leader of the dead, but was also, according to Horus, the source of renewed life. He was not only a merciful judge of the dead in his future life, but also a lifelong god of the underworld, including the sprouting vegetation and fertile spills of the Nile. He was sometimes considered the eldest son of the god of the land of Geba and the goddess of the heavens, Nut. He later became associated with the name Centi-Amenti, which means “Western Front,” a reference to his reign in the land of the dead. Usually depicted as green skin, green is the color of rebirth, and the pharaoh wears the crown of Atefa, the shape of the white crown of Upper Egypt with feathers on both sides. His wife, Isis, searched for his remains until she finally found him buried in the trunk of a tree that supported the roof of a palace in Biblos on the Phoenician coast. Killed by his evil brother Seth, who connects Diodor with the evil Typhon, the Typhon beast from Greek mythology. His brother Seth locked his body in a box and threw it into the Nile, where he was thrown ashore and trapped in a huge tree.

Osiris is pictured with the head of a man topped with a large white Cap of Upper Egypt, his arms crossed, holding a chain and a hook of royal power. Captured in the trunk of the tamarisk, which was later felled and used as a pillar in the palace of King Biblos, he figuratively became one with the Tree of Life. Osiris became the axis of Mande, around which the heavens seem to revolve, he became the Pillar of the World, the link between the earthly and celestial worlds. Since he was the god of water among people such as the Egyptians, soon the annual ups and downs, floods and falls of the Nile began to compare with the most important periods in people’s lives and before the revival. . Nile. next year will be compared to the immortality of man, which was taken for granted in Egypt since ancient times, and that is what happened, hieroglyphic texts provide numerous evidence.

Driven by conviction, not violence, Osiris became the most important god of the middle and new kingdoms among the Egyptian people. The oldest written form of myth is inscribed on the walls of chambers and passages in the pyramids of kings V and VI of the Sakhara dynasty and is therefore known as the “texts of the pyramids”.

Osiris is considered one of five children born to the god of the earth and the goddess of the sky Geba and Nut respectively. He had four younger siblings who also played key roles in his story, his brother Seth and two sisters known as Isis and Neftis. He died again and came down to fully fulfill his duties as the Egyptian god of the underworld. It remains to this day one of the most popular of all the ancient Egyptian gods.

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