How To Check Your Imei Number On Any Phone

If you have a double SIM phone, two IMEI numbers are displayed, one for each SIM slot The device compatibility tester at the top of the page checks whether it can be determined whether it is blocked or unlocked. In most cases we can determine the status of a phone, but we cannot guarantee that we have information for each device. If we cannot determine whether your device is locked or unlocked, you may need to contact the previous operator. If you register your phone or try to sell an old one online, you may be asked for your IMEI number.

This is also a powerful tool because the first date of using this phone can indicate the phone’s warranty date and when the phone is no longer guaranteed. These numbers are very important for mobile phones and the mobile phone industry. AT&T and T-Mobile are mobile operators who use GSM technology to provide their customers with a wireless service. Think of the IMEI number or MEID number as the social security number of the phone.

You may have heard that your insurance company or police encourage you to register your IMEI. You may even have seen it in your phone settings or in your device packaging. What is not so clear is what the IMEI number really is for The satellite networks of the Broadband Global Area Network, Iridium and Thuraya use IMEI numbers in their transceiver units, as well as SIM cards such as GSM phones. The presence of a formally assigned IMEI number range for a GSM terminal does not mean that the terminal has been approved or meets the legal requirements. The link between regulatory approval and IMEI allocation was removed in April 2000 with the introduction of the European R&D Directive.

If you have saved the original packaging from your smartphone, you are lucky! On the back of the package you will find a label with the serial number of the smartphones and the IMEI number If you already have access to your phone, you can find in our comprehensive instructions how to easily find the IMEI number of your devices. Repairing, repairing, editing or changing an IMEI number is usually not the easiest task and, as you said … Use your own IMEI phones if you can only access data over the phone via WLAN … Why should you use your Gmail account on this phone instead of a new Google account??

The service provider can use the IMEI number to blacklist stolen devices. If a user reports that a phone has been stolen, the service provider can blacklist the number and lock the phone from its network. The UK has a voluntary charter operated by mobile networks that helps to get an operator’s blacklist of phones to CEIR and then to all other networks within 48 hours. This way you can scan the lists to see if there are any discrepancies that require further investigation.

Congress 2012 presented a bill, but it was not passed. The IMEI number is really printed on your hardware. Your cell phone; and also within the phone software, which makes it almost impossible to change it. IMEI numbers are currently used by phones that use GSM technology, while MEID numbers are generally on phones that use CDMA technology … Both are not compatible and you cannot use a phone for a CDMA WLAN service provider in a GSM WLAN service provider.

Thefts reported before November 2012 have not been added to the database. CTIA refers users to websites in and to GSMA where consumers can check whether a smartphone has been reported to its member operators as lost or stolen. The relationship between the former and a list of national or international IMEI blocks is unclear.

I removed his phone number from his comment. If you don’t order or buy anything online, you shouldn’t publish your meid vs imei personal information so the world can see it. Things like your phone number, email, physical address, etc.