Why Do Pretty Girls CRY?

As I was drying my hair, my brain started to work. (scary!!) I was คลิปสาวสวยพริตตี้ thinking about a few comments that I had heard from guys here and there regarding, “Why Pretty Girls Cry”. Of course I had to question them in order to get them to reveal their thoughts on the subject. I asked them a simple question- “Do you think that women that are pretty dislike other pretty women?” Hmmm, I received a lot of answers immediately, without any thought, seemingly. The answer that was the most popular was..”NO!!” I know so many women that are beautiful and the last thing that they would think about themselves, is exactly that. They cannot see what we see in them at all. They think every other women in the world has more to offer.

My next question was, “do you think that women constantly compare themselves to other woman?” This question took no time at all for them to answer. “Yes and no, They think that we (men) are comparing them to other women. And that’s what gets them all weird”. Additionally, “They think that we are lusting after them in our minds or wondering what they would look like naked. They compare themselves with other women, yes, but in more of a way to improve themselves for us. My girlfriend compares herself with women that do not even come close to her on a any scale and still finds reason to knock herself down”.

Hmmm, I seem to be saying that a few times, but it’s because women are so generalized. If one women is one way with one guy, he thinks all women are like that. When women generalize men, they call us male bashers, or feminists. What do we call guys that generalize us from their past experiences?

So whats up with the fact that pretty girls really do not look at themselves as pretty girls? Is it something from their past?. (seems like the bottom line for everything)

I, myself remember a guy asking me that exact question. “Why do all the pretty girls think they are ugly?”. I shrugged. I really had no answer. I never put myself on that level, of being pretty that is.

In all the research that I have been doing on this subject, I will tell you this, `beauty is in the eyes of the beholder`, nothing more, nothing less. If we look in the mirror and see no beauty, that is in our minds only. Not in our partners minds or a strangers mind. We are constantly supported by our spouses and we constantly mistrust their comments. Why? When are we going to start to see ourselves as a beautiful being? A UNIQUE being. A one and only being.

Ladies when you cross paths with another that you feel is way above you, for whatever reason, shoes, hair, dress, body, or just her smile, think this; she is also looking at you and seeing something in you that she lacks and would love to have.

Also, it’s part of us, built into us, and born with it in our brain to compare.

Some will look for weakness or flaws in others just to make themselves feel good. That is a negative comparison. It is not a bad thing to want to be a better person. We just have to be very careful to not take it to an extreme that blinds others to our thoughts and intentions.

Men tend to automatically call us jealous when we reveal our thoughts, if another women is involved. Another mystery in my mind; Jeesh, we are not always that worried, OK. So get off your ego trip guys. Sometimes we are genuinely curious as to why we see and feel the vibes we get from you. Also as you read earlier, just maybe, we care and we want to improve ourselves. Maybe men should try and do that sometime. Then they will actually see where we are coming from.

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