Top 5 Reasons To Invest In Belize Real Estate In 2019

If you want, you can buy your unit and postpone all closing costs. This reduces the cost of your investment by 17.5% and increases roi accordingly. Of the 54 units, a maximum of 15 are available for full-time residence. These are offered at the same price as the units available for the hotel.

It has the second largest barrier reef, lush green tropical forests with some of the rarest plant and animal specimens, and ruins of the great Mayan civilization that are still amazing to see. All this makes Belize the best market to invest in real estate. Investing in Belize’s real estate is an easy decision, as the continuous development of the countries yields high returns.

It’s only an average of three hours of flight time from most major cities, and airlines add daily direct flights to Belize City. And Placencia is accessible via your own local airport or a breathtaking trek through the Mayan mountains on a fully paved road. English is the official language of Belize and your family will find it a familiar and welcoming place to visit. Placencia has quickly become a favorite destination for tourists and retirees. In particular, it has become a popular place for travelers who want ecotourism and nature-themed excursions. Belize is well positioned to offer that kind of travel, and the Belize government is committed to keeping the country clean and green.

And two of the best Mayan ruins in Belize are just a short drive away. And let’s not forget the beautiful islands and the annual migration of whale sharks. Despite the fact that Belize has all the amenities and accommodations of a first world country, the cost of living in this country is much lower than in most other first world countries. This is an attraction for people who want to rent their home or for you if you want to live in it. The Qualified Retiree Incentives Act came into force in 1999.

Everything you need to know about buying a property in Italy as a foreigner. Just like anywhere else in the world, the tax you pay depends on several factors. Your state of residence and the location and type of property you have can make all the difference when it comes to belize property taxes. An employee of the Library of Congress in Washington D.C., known locally as Four Dollar Charlie, recently shared with us his annual Belize property tax return.

I take your projections seriously because the hotel operator, with more than 50 years of experience and more than 4,000 hotels, can certainly make these projections better than I can. It is in your best interest to be accurate and conservative. You can spend up to four weeks a year in your apartment.

If you want to invest abroad and buy property in Belize, please contact Dustin Rennie & Will Mitchell with RE/MAX Belize. Placencia may be small, but it has endless opportunities for fun and exploration. Hike through the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, explore the Belize Real Estate nearby jungle rivers and waterfalls, or spend time on the world’s most beautiful beaches. A thriving expat community in Placencia will ease your transition. The delicious food, the low cost of living and the sun all year round add to the convenience of living here.

Both commercial and real estate opportunities abound in Belize and its growth goes far beyond visible markets and tourism. Belize and Ambergris Island Caye have shown steady growth over the years, thanks in large part to the booming tourism industry and the real estate market. Belize as a country is famous for its tropical ocean that mixes with the beautiful natural landscape and picturesque white beaches. If you’re looking for affordable real estate for investment, retirement or vacation in a highly sought-after tropical destination, then Ambergris Caye, Belize might be perfect for you.

But doing this when shopping abroad, where building standards may not match those of the United States, is essential. Belize has a subtropical Caribbean climate that many expats find as a welcome change from their home country. Expect two seasons, rainy and dry, and average temperatures on the continent to drop between 73°F and 75°F, although in lowland jungles daytime temperatures will be in the 90s.

One of the general risks of investing in foreign real estate is that property rights can be confusing. In some destinations, citizenship or residency is required to own your property directly. For a foreign investor, this can mean less safety and more complications and headaches.