The Joy of “Second Home” Ownership

I’m a big fan of investment real estate and “second houses.” As Arizona’s population continues to grow and baby boomers retire, northern Arizona is becoming an even more attractive place to invest in your future. Although we have some excellent second homes, many of these lands border the forest service and can accommodate only a limited number of people.

As demand for this limited supply grows, it makes sense to increase the “value”. Another great way to look at “value” is to look at the relaxation factor associated with being alone with family and friends. Although I am almost certain that I will never live in a place where I will have to regularly clean the driveway, it is very nice to be able to come in cooler weather.

One of the most popular places for a second home in Arizona are Flagstaff, Pine, Payson, Sedona, Rim and others.

Northern Arizona offers many communities within a short drive of ski resorts, hiking, camping and many other truly fantastic outdoor activities. Over the years, our family has owned properties in Payson, Mundos Park and most recently in Flagstaff. I have worked with agents in several of these areas and would be happy to point you in the right direction if you are also interested in owning a second home. Remember, if you’re heading north OR across the country, just call Nick and I’ll be happy to help you make the right decisions wherever you go!

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