The Ultimate Diamond Buyer’s Guide

You don’t want a ring that cuts off your circulation or, worse, that’s so loose that it’s at risk of falling. Some of them, such as the marquise, pear, and heart, are actually alterations of the round shiny cut, while square or rectangular DR diamond ring shapes, including asscher, are staggered cuts. All diamonds in fantasy form have different degrees of fire and scintillation. And why you also buy a diamond ring, you almost always spend a considerable amount for these torches.

If your partner is allergic to metals, platinum is naturally hypoallergenic. After you fall in love with a stone, the next step is to figure out what to do around it. “My fiancĂ© worked with one of my best friends, Montana Coady, to design my ring,” explains Cynthia Cook Brides stylist Cynthia Smith. According to Page Neal, jewelry designer and co-founder of Bario Neal, customers value jewelry with backstories, especially when those backstories involve ethically sourced gems.

Choose the diamond with the lowest brightness that is still clean to the naked eye, as it will look identical to an impeccable diamond, assuming everything else is the same, he notes. For example, round glare, a cut that accentuates the brilliance of a diamond, is most preferred for engagement rings. Among other things, the main options are the princess and pillow cuts. However, you should remember that the choice of a diamond will also determine the price. Next, compare individual diamonds to see which one gives you the most sparkle and fire.

In addition, gemstones of different colors are especially popular when embedded in yellow gold metal. Engagement ring adjustments come in many different precious metals. And often the same style of adjustment can be done on different precious metals.

If you have a very clear idea of what you want (and don’t have to browse and try a lot of options), consider designing a custom ring with a private jeweler. Without the overhead of a store, you’ll often find better prices. Blue Nile offers the largest selection of diamonds from any online supplier, with very competitive prices and fantastic customer service.