Saree – The Most Elegant Indian Traditional Outfit

Sari is a woman’s clothing in India. It’s a strip of torn tissue. The length of the sari ranges from four to nine feet. Of course, the style and material of wearing a sari vary from place to place. The most common style of wearing a sari is to wrap a sari around the waist and the other end drapery to put on the shoulder. These clothes don’t cover your stomach. Sari is worn on top of a skirt (pavada in the south and a shea in eastern India). It holds the sari and helps to correct the folds of the sari. The color of the bottom skirt should also match the color of the sari, which is very important as it affects the entire presentation of the sari. Sari is worn on top of a blouse, also called choli, which forms outer clothing. Short-sleeved blouse and deep neckline. It can be decorated with a mirror or embroidered to make it more chic and attractive, so that it can be worn in different solemn occasions.

Sari is considered to be the most elegant traditional Indian dress for women. Indians believe that wearing a sari is part of their tradition. It defines a woman’s beauty. Women all over the world wear sari. It is a simple and unique garment with several beautiful drawings and colors that add to its beauty. Sari can be draped in more than ten to fifteen styles with and without folds. Below are the different styles of sari worn by women:

Oriental styles:

Kanta – West Bengal
Ikat of silk and cotton – Orissa
Cuttacki Pata silk and cotton – Orissa
Sambalpuri Pata of silk and cotton – Orissa
Silk and Cotton Bomkai – Orissa
Mayurbhanj Tussar Silk – Orissa
Silk Sonepuri / Subarnapuri – Orissa
Bapta and Khandua Silk and Cotton – Orissa
Silk Berhampuri – Orissa
Coton Tanta / Taant – Orissa, West Bengal and Bangladesh
Cotton Giadaani – Bangladesh
Dakai Benaros – Bangladesh
Rajshahi Silk – Bangladesh
Tangail Tanter Sari-Bangladesh
Katan Sari – Bangladesh

Western styles:

Bandhani – Gujarat and Rajasthan
Kota Doria – Rajasthan
Bandedj Rajasthan
Lugade (Navari on Marathi) – Maharashtra

Southern styles:

Kanchipuram (Kanjiwaram – local name) – Tamil Nadu
Pata Sari as Tamil Nadu
Seth Mund as Tamil Nadu
Silk Mysore – Karnataka
Llkal Sari – Karnataka

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